Who we are

Who we      are

Professional maintenance pays off!

When it comes to servicing your aircraft, AEROENGINE is one of the largest maintenance centers for Diamond, Cessna, Extra and Piper aircraft. We follow all manufacturer maintenance guidelines and comply with all Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins.

Why utilize     our services

Why utilize our services

Our message

Continuing airworthiness management in accordance with the CAMO APPROVAL CERTIFICATE CZ.MG.0056

AEROENGINE delivers an optimized maintenance schedule based upon years of experience and created specifically for your aircraft:

  1. Ensuring a minimum number of maintenance stops
  2. Optimal preparation and organization for reduced aircraft down time and costs.
  3. Airworthiness reviews (both commercial and non-commercial aircraft)

Through working with the Maintenance Management System LTB400 Aviation Software, a reputable and reliable software program, AEROENGINE provides comprehensive tracking of aircraft maintenance events. This allows our team to perform all necessary work on time, coordinate scheduled maintenance with your aircraft operation and to create as little disruption to your flight schedule as possible.

Airplane maintenance including components repair in accordance with the MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATION APPROVAL CERTIFICATE CZ.145.0084:

We have approval certificates for the following EASA transferred airplanes:

  • Zlin Z-26 /Z-43 / Z-50 series
  • Extra EA 300 series
  • SST Flugtechnik EA 400 series
  • Aviat Aircraft Pitts S-1/ -2 series
  • Cessna single engine piston series
  • Maule single engine piston series
  • Mooney M-20 series
  • Piper single engine piston series
  • Laviasa PA-25 Pawnee series
  • Diamond DA-20, DV-20, DA-40, DA-42 series
  • C.E.A.P.R. DR300/400 series (Robin Aircraft)
  • Socata Rallye
  • Socata TB series
  • Sukhoi SU-29, SU-31
  • Yakovlev YAK-18T

We have approval certificates for the following Annex II airplanes:

  • Bücker 131 (Aero C-104, Tatra T.131, CASA 1.131) Jungmann
  • AVIAT (Christen) Eagle II
  • Piper single piston engine aeroplanes
  • Extra EA 300 SR

We are certified to repair and/or
overhaul the following engines:

  • Lycoming engines repair/overhaul, incl. engine components (cylinders/carburetors repair/overhaul)
  • Continental (TCM) engines repair/overhaul, incl. engine components (cylinders/ carburetors repair/overhaul)
We use approved tools,
inspection and test equipment including a special test stand for engine initial or run-in operations during engine inspection, repair, and overhaul.
The run-in service is giving us the control over the first critical hours of operation. During this time the functioning of the engine by means of test cell instruments can be observed.

In the context of inspections
we perform the following special works requiring test and measurement equipment:

Altimeters, ground airspeed indicators, vertical speed indicators, air data computers, pressure sensors, including leak tester provided by Pitot and Static Tester ADSE 735
Propeller Balancing provided by ACES 2020 ProBalancer Analyzer
Nav Comm testing provided by IFR 4000 Nav/Comm Flightline Test Set
XPDR modes A/C/S, TCAS I and II, DME testing provided by IFR6000 Multifunction Ramp Test Set

AIRPLANES EQUIPPED WITH AMSAFE AIRBAGS: System functional check provided by V23/V25 Diagnostics Tool

AIRCRAFT EQUIPPED WITH AUTOPILOT: Slip clutch torque checking provided by Goodrich Slip Clutch Test S
ELT TESTING provided by BT 100 AVS Beacon tester

We have Approval Certificates
for the following electrical components:

  • Hartzell Engine Technologies starters series
  • B&C starters series
  • Hartzell Engine Technologies alternators series
  • All starters and alternators removed from an airplane
    are tested on the test stand after repair/periodical check/

We have Approval Certificates
for Magnetos Slick, TCM repair/overhaul

All magnetos removed from an airplane are tested on Magneto test stand Maeckerlle after repair/periodical check/overhaul.

We are certified for non-destructive testing (NDT inspections)

  • Visual inspection
  • Magnetic Testing
  • Penetrant Testing

International abilities and a wide range of authorizations

  • FBO for Continental engines
  • Official service center for Centurion engines
    (Continental diesel)
  • Maule official reseller
  • Sale of aircraft and aircraft engines

Additional services

  • Interior and exterior cleaning
  • Complete cabin refurbishment
    and redesign
  • Painting service from partial repairs
    to full repainting
  • Composite and sheet-metal work
  • Structural modifications and repairs following
    EASA and FAA standards
Application of all modifications includes preparation
of necessary approvals – minor changes or STCs
(Supplemental Type Certificate) – in accordance with EASA

Pre-Purchase Inspection

The in-depth Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) at an authorized service center is the only way to minimize potential risks. AEROENGINE offers all levels of Pre-Purchase Inspections and can provide all necessary information on the technical condition and history of a chosen aircraft. Knowledge gained through us enables you to make an informed decision regarding the true value and technical status of a chosen aircraft.

The PPI process:

  1. As an aircraft prospective buyer you order the PPI (including inspection scope) at a maintenance center of your choice.
  2. According to the PPI scope and the size and age of the aircraft, the ASC will need up to 14 days to complete the inspection and present a list of findings. The above should include airworthiness, non-airworthiness and cosmetic findings, presented to both the prospective buyer and the actual aircraft owner (seller).
  3. Seller and buyer should agree who will take responsibility for rectifying findings. All items related to the aircraft airworthiness will normally be paid for by the seller. Rectification of all other findings can be negotiated by the parties.
  1. Best case scenario: After a thorough PPI, all findings are rectified and you, the prospective buyer, will enjoy your new aircraft knowing it is safe, absolutely airworthy, and that you will not be burdened with unexpected expenses in the near future.
  2. Worst case scenario: The results of the PPI are not satisfactory, and your decision, based on the findings, is not to purchase the aircraft. On the other hand, the inspection has saved you significant future expenses.


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